Apologies for the week of silence. The film series is starting next week, and that’s crazy! Also, my laptop was stolen on the Red Line.

Let my experience be a lesson to you: it happened as I was sitting on the El, working on my laptop, absorbed in what I was typing. I wouldn’t have done it on the platform, but I figured I was safe on the train. Not so! A gentleman passed me casually as we approached a station, then — as the doors opened — he seized my laptop right out of my lap and fled. I chased him out the doors, across the platform, up the stairs, and out of the station, but the miscreant escaped down Wentworth. The police thought I was so naïve for thinking a valuable object might be safe just because I was in actively using it on a moving train.

On the bright side, the Apple store people were super nice and helpful when I went to buy a new one. I love Apple! I told them all about the film series.

In the unlikely event that any of you folks encounter a 2004 white Mac laptop in any used computer dealings you may have …. It’s missing the tab key (and the little keyholder-things are broken, so that would be hard to replace); the top is covered in gold paint (though that might have been stripped by the thief). I am offering a reward for the laptop’s return, no questions asked, as long as it has my files on it. I hope whoever took it is easily shocked. Ha. Or maybe they’ll come away from my files with more understanding and tolerance of alternative sexuality … well, a girl can dream.