November is an awesome month for sexuality-related films in Chicago. First of all, there’s the ongoing Sex+++: my sex-positive film series at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. Sex+++ is pro-sex, pro-queer and pro-kink. The films are all totally FREE to attend, and we serve enticing snacks and delicious conversation. Our next screening is November 8, and you can read the full 2011-2012 film calendar by clicking here.

November is also when CineKink: The Kinky Film Festival brings its annual national tour to Chicago, November 18-19 — and I’m offering free tickets again this year!

Plus! November features Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, November 3-12 — and this year, I can offer a group discount to one of the screenings.

For more information, keep reading ….

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Firstly, CineKink. I am currently offering TWO PAIRS of FREE TICKETS to a film of your choice at the upcoming CineKink: Chicago, which will take place on November 18-19. If you want the tickets, then just email me with your name, tell me how long you’ve been reading my work, and include the title of the first post you ever read on my blog! (It’s okay if you’ve never heard of me before and the first post is this post.)

I’ll put all the names in a hat next week on Wednesday (November 2). I’ll pick two names randomly, then I’ll email the winners. And you get to CHOOSE which movie you see for free with a friend or partner!

CineKink Chicago has a great 2011 lineup. One cool-looking film this year is a documentary on International Mr. Leather, the annual Chicago contest for leathermen. Personally I’m especially excited about the Best Of CineKink Shorts, which are always fascinating and challenging. The Best Shorts this year include:

Best Dramatic Short
Anna Treiman, 2009, Denmark, 30 minutes.
Harboring a secret sexual fantasy of being raped, Helene hires a gigolo to fulfill her imaginings. But the “rape” does not go according to the agreed scenario and, faced with unforeseen complications to her plan, Helene must confront the true workings of her desire.

Honorable Best Mention
Love Hotel
Erika Lust, 2010, Spain, 4 minutes.
In this sequel to last year’s CineKink award-winning short, “Handcuffs,” a couple arrives at a love hotel … and many fantasy scenarios ensue.

Best Experimental Short
Butterfly Caught
Joshua Bewig, 2010, USA, 7 minutes.
A shy and studious girl wanders into a bookstore and is transported to another world by the images she discovers in a book on Japanese bondage.

Honorable Best Mention
Turning Japanese
Paul Bickel, 2009, USA, 20 minutes.
A couple struggling with their finances stumbles upon an unknowing sleepwalker and they exploit her nightly episodes by selling tickets.

Best Documentary Short
Love, Hugs and Kisses, Sissy Stephanie
Mrs. G, 2010, USA, 12 minutes.
A profile of New York scene icon, Sissy Stephanie, and a look at the heart, humor and aspirations that lie beneath her crisp layers of crinoline.

Best Comedy Short
Vincent Peone & Bette Bentley, 2010, USA, 7 minutes.
Why can’t you just pee on me?

But there are a bunch of other good films showing as well. Don’t you want free tickets? The films are being screened at the awesome Leather Archives & Museum (up at 6418 N. Greenview Avenue in Rogers Park).

RECAP: For a chance to win TWO FREE TICKETS to CineKink Chicago, all you have to do is:

1) Email me, Clarisse Thorn: clarisse.thorn at gmail dot com.

2) In your email, tell me how long you’ve been reading my work, and write the title of the first post you read on my blog. (It’s okay if you just found my blog, and the first post is this post! And if you can’t remember the title of the first post you read, just tell me what the post was about.)

3) Sit back and wait until the night of Wednesday November 2. I will email you if you win the tickets! And remember, if you win, you get to decide which CineKink movie you see for free!

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Secondly, Reeling! The International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival takes place from November 3-12, and Sex+++ is promotional partners with some Reeling shorts screening on November 6: the set of shorts is called “It’s Not Me, It’s You“. If you bring a large group (10+ people) to “It’s Not Me, It’s You”, then we can get you a discount. Here are the films in “It’s Not Me, It’s You”:

Just Friends
Chris Dupuis, Canada, 2010
Four Guys. One Question. The answer? Let’s just be friends.

Xi Wang, Australia, 2011
Two young lovers are thwarted by traditional Chinese cultural values where getting married and having children is the only acceptable future.

A Word
Yoav Imbar, Israel, 2010
A young man gets dumped by his boyfriend, kicked out of his sister’s apartment, and gets involved in encounters with strangers — leading him to confront his inability to feel love.

Michael Jortner, USA, 2011
Brent is a handsome, but miserable, businessman whose wife has just divorced him. Trying to drown his sorrows in a bar, he’s seduced by an alluring blonde with an interesting proposition … involving her husband.

More or Less” (“Mais ou Menos“)
Alexander Sisqueira, Brazil, 2010
Ivo is constantly bullied by Sandro, his high school classmate. Their troubled relationship seems irreconcilable until an unexpected encounter changes everything.

Winner Takes All
Camille Carida, USA, 2011
Alec Mapa (“Ugly Betty”) plays slave to a narcissistic but seductive beauty who engineers his two lovers to fight each other … for him. Winner takes all.

But there are lots of other super awesome films showing at Reeling, too! Check them out.

* * *

On a totally different note …. Since you made it all the way to the end of this entry, I offer you a fascinating pair of articles about Bjork’s latest album “Biophilia”. I don’t actually like Bjork’s music very much, but she’s definitely a genius, and her latest album is interactive! Apparently it recalls both science museums, and gaming. Here’s an interview with the dude who designed the “Biophilia” app, and here’s a review of the album by the “New York Times” video game reviewer.

Also, don’t forget to attend Sex+++.