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Article Categories:

* Storytime and Personal Experience
* Reviews
* BDSM Theory
* Polyamory and/or Monogamy Theory
* Manliness, also Pickup Artists
* Sex Work and Pornography
* Feminism and Social Justice
* Et Cetera


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Storytime and Personal Experience


Love Bites: An S&M Coming-Out Story


The Strange Binary of Dominance and Submission

I’m Not Your Sex-Crazy Nympho Dreamgirl

The Tale of My Broken Neck

Cat Marnell & “Fifty Shades”: Why I Can Be A Kinky Feminist and a Messy Human Being

A Unified Theory of Orgasm

Orgasms Aren’t My Favorite Part of Sex, and My Chastity Urge

Fear, Loathing, and S&M Sluthood in San Francisco

I’m Not Sure Why I Want To Have Children, But I Do

Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Anger, Fear and Pain

How To Break Up and Take It Like a Champ

Who Enjoys Casual Sex, Anyway?

Predicament Bondage

Sexual Openness: 2 Ways To Encourage It

Why I’m Not (Yet) Out Of The Closet About S&M

There It Is

Mr. Inferno

The Tell-Tale Ring

A 16-Year-Old Kinkster Who Wants “A Sense Of Personal Integrity”

Guilt, Failure and a Pre-Orgasmic Feminist

Switching: Have I Always Been a Domme?

How my life wasn’t always Happy Fun Boundaries Are Perfect Land

My Advice



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Burning Man 2012

S&M, Open Relationships, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” and Me

Sex+++ Documentary: “Sex Positive” and Follow-Up Interview with the Star

The Original Sex+++ Film List plus Links To Some of My Reviews



* * *

BDSM Theory


BDSM As A Sexual Orientation, and Complications of the Orientation Model

S&M Aftercare … Or Brainwashing?

BDSM Can Be “Love Sex” Too

BDSM versus Sex, Part 1: Political Concerns and Part 2: How Does It Feel?

The Annotated Safeword (with Thomas MacAulay Millar)

The Psychology of S&M

Sex Communication Case Studies

Sex Communication Tactic Derived from S&M #1: Checklists

S&M Superpowers

Thinking Clearly About BDSM versus Abuse

The Alt Sex Anti-Abuse Dream Team

BDSM Roles, “Topping from the Bottom”, and “Service Top”

What Happens After An S&M Encounter “Gone Wrong”

Submissive Skills

Start From A Position of Strength

Why I Pretend I Don’t Date Vanilla-But-Questioning Men

Body Chemistry and S&M

Going Under

5 Sources of Assumptions and Biases About S&M

(The First of Several Posts On) BDSM-Related Relationship Screwups


Vanilla: Dissection of a Term


* * *

Polyamory and/or Monogamy Theory


In Praise of Monogamy

My Top Questions about Dealing with Multiple Lovers

Relationship Tools: Monogamy, Polyamory, Competition, and Jealousy

You Can’t Date Half A Couple


* * *

Manliness, also Pickup Artists


Buy my awesome book, Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser

“50 Shades of Grey,” “Fight Club” and the Complications of Male Dominance

Ethical Pick-Up Artistry

Guest Post: Detrimental Attitudes of the Pickup Artist Community

Feminist S&M Lessons from the Seduction Community

Rapey Pickup Artists: Analysis of a Field Report

Men Who Don’t Deserve the Word “Creep”

(The First Post From) The Series on Masculinity that Kicked Up Such A Fuss


* * *

Sex Work and Pornography


Buy my awesome anthology, Violation: Rape In Gaming

Clarisse Thorn Talks Porn: Censorship, Sex Workers’ Rights, & More

One Blurred Edge of Sex Work: Interview with a Sugar Baby, Part 1 and Part 2

A Sugar Baby Leaves The Business

Whore Stigma Makes No Sense

Sympathy for the Anti-Porn Feminists

A Lone Villain [Pornographer] Working Within an Evil Empire

The Lone Villain Rides Again


* * *

Feminism and Other Social Justice


Liberal, Sex-Positive Sex Education: What’s Missing

“Inherent Female Submission”: The Wrong Question

Reaching People: A Parable with Bookstores, Libraries, Museums, and the Internet

Towards My Personal Sex-Positive Feminist 101

Super-Gonorrhea Is Here

My Mom’s Rape Story, and a Confused Relationship With Feminism

Remember Britney Spears? Men’s Visual Sexuality and Women’s Presentation

Food Justice: Confections of a Pickup Artist Chaser

“There Is No ‘Should'” and the Sex-Positive “Agenda”

Grassroots Organizing for Feminism, S&M, HIV, and everything else

Social Responsibility, Activism, and Giving Thanks

On Change and Accountability

I Know I Can Fight Rape Culture By … (on Feministe)

Sex-Positive Women Aren’t Out To Steal Your Man

The Archives of Everything I’ve Posted to Feministe

For several years, I ran an awesome pro-sex, pro-kink, pro-queer FREE documentary film series and discussion group


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Et Cetera


Some of My Experiences in Africa

The PostSecret Analyses

The Ongoing Sex-Positive Film Series I Founded at Chicago’s Own Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

How To Start Your Own Sex-Positive Film Series

My Interviews

My Activities & Featured Ephemera from the Leather Archives

The Archives of My Former Sex & Gender Linkblog at Time Out Chicago



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