2019 5 Jun

Hi Again! I Came Out Of The Closet And I’m Starting A New Publication

Hi, everyone.

It’s been years.

I just sat here for a full five minutes, trying to imagine how I’d summarize my life now, to the amazing people who used to read and comment on my blog. Some days, I really miss the blogosphere. But enough nostalgia from me.

Here’s the first big update: I came out of the closet last year and told the whole Internets who I am. It’s true! My birth name is Lydia Laurenson. I kept that secret for ten years.

You can read my coming-out post on Facebook here. I wrote it after the New York Times interviewed me about consent and BDSM! They even linked to my book The S&M Feminist. I feel so honored!

I’m writing this update today because I’m turning ClarisseThorn.com into an archival version. Practically speaking, this has been an archive for years — I haven’t updated for a very long time. But now it’s official. I’m changing the infrastructure behind the scenes, and I’m turning off the ability to comment, because maintaining a live version of this site is complicated and costly.

A while back I saw an Amazon review of The S&M Feminist complaining that it’s dumb to sell the book because you can read my blog posts online for free. I’ll admit it, that review really bothered me! I maintain this website at my own expense, and that’s partly because many people have shared that it’s meaningful for them. So for someone to be all, “Clarisse’s book is a scam because the material’s online for free!” is like, come on.

Anyways, if you’d like to help me pay my web costs, then buying my books is a wonderful way to help, and thank you.

But it would be even more awesome if you could be part of my next project. Because I’m starting something new this year, and it’s the most ambitious media project I’ve ever tried. There will be stuff on sex and culture in there, but it’s much broader than that. The title is The New Modality, and our tagline is “Experiments in Culture.”

We’ll run a crowdfunding campaign soon, and you’ll be able to subscribe. The New Modality will be both digital and print, and it will be both a publication and a community.

Read more about The New Modality here (temporarily on Medium until our website is ready).

Sign up for our email newsletter here (we aren’t sending any emails yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we do! also, we will never sell your data).

I’ve got a lot left to write about sexuality, life, identity, and culture — plus lots of other stuff. Much of my writing will appear in The New Modality, and more importantly, we’ll print others’ ideas too. Send us your tips, ideas, and other submissions here.

I really miss the blogosphere — the constant creativity of it, and the community we built together. I’ll bring those lessons forward into The New Modality.

And if you just want to follow all my work… my personal email newsletter is here, and I’m on Twitter @lydialaurenson.

Thank you for reading. Much as I complain about maintaining this website, I am grateful to every single person who reads my work. So thanks. I hope to see you around. 💗